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1990s Polo Spring

I picked up this beautiful 1990s Polo Ralph Lauren yellow tie this past winter. I found it on eBay for an absolute steal. I love how light and unsaturated the yellow is and how simple, yet detailed the birds appear. A perfect spring / summer tie. In this setting I have paired it with a Brooks Brothers Aqua OCBD. I love the aqua OCBD for spring and summer. The aqua is just slightly different, brighter and more jovial than the standard blue or even light blue and pushes you over the edge into bright and warm weather perfectly.

It is spring after all so a bit of an adventure when it comes to socks seems appropriate. I chose to go with a simple pale pink sock which works wonderfully with the yellow of the tie, aqua of the shirt, navy of the blazer, white of the birds, stone of the chinos and brown of the penny loafer. Meanwhile, our backyard is full of birds singing and basking in the warm weather.

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