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When you WFH (work from home), it is even more important to dress decently for work. Because you are not delineating work life from personal life in space, you have to mark that difference with your clothing. There are 2 struggles with WFH.

1 - Keeping the personal and the professional separate without a change in space. The smartphone obviously erodes separation but that is beyond this discussion.

2 - Staying in a professional mindset while not in a professional environment.

If you WFH and your day is basically the structure and hours of a standard work day (i.e. on at a certain hour and then off at another hour), marking some distinction, even if it is small, helps separate the professional from the personal.

Maybe you wear a tie for work, take it off after.

Maybe you wear loafers for work, camp mocs after.

Maybe you wear chinos for work, jeans after.

Maybe you wear a suit for work, chinos after.

It can be as small as the shoe, or as large as the outfit. Any distinction helps.

If you don't have distinct hours, leveling up your entire approach is important. Not only does it keep your mindset and orientation at a high outward looking level, it also helps ensure you don't "give up" because no one expects anything from you aesthetically.

WFH puts everything in your hands, it is up to you. The easiest thing is to slouch in your clothing but you won't like it eventually and it will have a negative impact on you psychologically. It is even more important to dress with intention with the advent of WFH.

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