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One of my main contentions, something I am always coming back to over and over again, is the affordability of this style we all love. You can spend a ton in this style, of course. That is true for all style-approaches. But, you can just as easily build your wardrobe very affordably. This is something that is always important to remember. I know I sound like a broken record, I am alway saying this, but I think this is truly very important to remember. Young men wanting to get into this style shouldn't be scared off by the price tag of certain items that are brand new. It can all be done very affordably, just be patient.

To continue with this theme, I picked up this Owl motif tie at a thrift store a few weeks back for just $2.99. It is Lands' End and in fantastic condition. I wouldn't call it vintage Lands' End. It's not so old, yet it isn't new. Maybe Older Lands' End is a good way to put it. It's not so common to find owls on a tie. You will see geese, ducks and quails quite often. Owls, you don't see too much. I love it. I picked it up, loved the patten-theme, loved the colors, the condition was near perfect, the width was just over 3.25 and it's 100% silk. A great find, for just $2.99. Patience.

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