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A Blue Knit Favorite

This blue knit tie is one of my favorite ties I own. I wear it often - spring, summer, autumn, winter. It is so versatile. It is this perfect shade of medium-blue. It pairs well with so many different shirts and sport coats. This is a tie that is a standard go-to of mine. I am always reaching for it. It can both compliment the simplest outfit and it can be a life saver when trying to find something to complete a more complex outfit. It really seeks no attention. It just works. I love this tie for that reason.

I chose to go with this knit tie in the case of this outfit because I wanted to let the socks take more of the attention. Really, the socks are just about as bold as the purple butcher stripe. In fact, the socks may actually be more bold and attention grabbing. There are other green knit ties that would work here, or a blue motif tie, but I didn't want to have the tie compete with the socks when the outfit is viewed in totality. Thusly, I went with the simplest most unassuming knit I have.

I have written about the bold sock before. Personally, I don't generally like to wear bold socks if they have to work hard for your attention, fighting against other daring pieces in your outfit. I generally like to clear a path and let the socks take the front. Doing so, is a very unique thing to do as it draws the eye down when the outfit is viewed as a complete entity. This is something that is a bit more interesting to do from time to time.

Of course, this outfit could be simpler, that is certainly true. I am really only getting out of the way so much with this shirt and sport coat. To truly remove all obstacles would mean changing the butcher stripe out for a white OCBD and the sport coat for a navy blazer. That would really open everything up for the sock. Still even in this outfit as seen here, and even if considering only the case of the tie, I am taking care to open up some room for the sock. I am trying to clear a bit out of the way. There is also the color-sense that comes across. The rest of the outfit feels a bit more cool while the yellow sock brings an almost sunshine like radiance. This also helps create a fair amount of separation and almost a feeling of their being two camps within the outfit, a large but subdued cool and a small but radiant warm.

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