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Aesthetic Conflict / Part 2

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

In Aesthetic Conflict / Part 1 I set the foundation idea of a layered sense of reality in which aesthetics can be understood as connected to deeper forms and meanings. I continued on with the demonstration of signals, style and aesthetics as representing signals from the inner toward the outer. I finished Part 1 as follows -

"As men who dress ourselves intentionally, against the forces of degradation and degeneration. As men who very carefully and intentionally choose a way of dressing which goes against the great blob-society today; is there a cultural, political, social or idealogical message in our aesthetic? Of course."

Ultimately there are 2 directional forces in our world today, chaos and order. There are different ideas within chaos and different ideas within order. Both of these directions are made up of many different idea-spirits. These two directional forces are not lockstep within, it is better to think of them as 2 zones full of 1000s of ideas (kind of like when you look at some drop of murky pond water under a microscope) which are in conflict with each other at times, yet in both zones, all of the different ideas and spirits understand a greater shared force-enemy which they oppose. The cacophony inside the chaos force understands the force-enemy of order as a general idea, as the greater shared enemy and the various encampments among the order force understand the the force-enemy of chaos as the ultimate shared enemy.

Today, the spirt of chaos is much stronger than the spirit of order. All around us the forces of chaos try to break down every single barrier which holds some sort of structure in place. It is like a dark force which seeks to erode every single last rope of the bridge you stand on, the bridge that holds you over a grand chasm with Hell laying at the bottom. This is ultimately the grand purpose of the degradation of society, to drag us into a form of Hell made of quicksand, the only way is down, smothered. That may sound like a broad statement. It is a broad statement, it is a true statement. This base idea is important to understand. It isn't important to get into niche debates between the forces of order. It is all about order vs chaos.

Drawing back to Aesthetic Conflict / Part 1, I wrote -

"Do you think that the hippies who grew their hair long, who stunk and presented themselves as slobs, do you think that they were making a cultural, political, social or idealogical statement? Of course.

The tattooed individual who has covered their body with tattoos and piercings. They have severely altered hair. It is dark pitch blue-black or some wild color. Is there a cultural, political, social or idealogical message in their aesthetic? Of course."

So what is the cultural, political, social or idealogical message in our aesthetic? This style of clothing we wear, this approach to dressing ourselves as Western men is a visual representation of masculine order and dignity in the face of an onslaught of spiteful, hateful chaos. This style, whether you would like to call it Trad, Ivy or Prep or simply traditional American menswear, is the antithesis of the blob-mass of chaotic corrosion. It is the polar opposite. It is like when you have 2 certain magnets facing a certain way which cannot be pushed together and merged. They repel each other. The great chaotic corrosion repels this style which we love and the style which we love repels this great chaotic corrosion.

There are very few things which anger the chaos force more than a confident Western man dressed with a sense of dignity and order. To the great chaos-corrosion force of our current time how is a young Western man wearing chinos, OCBD, rep tie, blazer and loafers viewed? This young man who takes care of himself, he is clean shaven and with his hair set correctly, how does the dominant spirit of today respond to him? To this man who doesn't hate himself nor his country or his history, perhaps also a man of faith who is confident in himself and sure of his mission and purpose in life - what is the reaction that comes from the great ugliness?

It is a reaction of total and utter revulsion. To the sick and twisted ugly lowering force of our time, this young man is repulsive. He is a reminder of order. He is a reminder of everything the chaotic force loathes and opposes. There is almost nothing you can do to piss off the sickos who want to destroy our world more than being the man who I described above. You don't need to say a word, you don't need to do a thing, you just have to simply be and your very existence is maddening to them. They loathe this existence. To the young men who are foot soldiers of chaos, who sneer at our well-dressed example above, it is about hatred for that which they are not. The example above is an example of what they could be, yet which they aren't. They choose not to be him and they hate him, and in away themselves because of it. It is not some creepy genetic thing, it is about action and our own control of our destiny.

That is a key which is very important in all of this. Our world is so ugly not because of some weird, creepy determinism or anything like that. It is ugly because it is being made that way. People have intentionally tore down grand buildings for decades and replaced them with parking lots. People have built absolutely horrendous structures which loom over us, imposing their flat ugliness. We didn't stop building beautiful buildings which will last generations because we forgot how. We didn't stop building strong structures because we don't have the technology. We didn't stop dressing as men because somehow all of the suits and sport coats, ties and loafers disappeared one day and no one know how to recreate them. We stopped doing all this, living with dignity and building a world of dignity because we simply chose not to. We chose ugliness rather than beauty, degradation rather than dignity.

In a certain way, this makes the force of chaos hate order much more than if it was some deterministic thing. It is, was and will be, a choice. In a way, a choice is more powerful than no choice. A total refutation of a choice someone made is more indicting than a refutation of something which was out of someone's control. You could also say it is the opposite of course, it is a complex thing which depends on different layered ways of viewing it.

I cannot control the buildings that are built, I don't have money to build new buildings everywhere. I cannot control the ugly cars that are made, I am not a designer of cars. There is so much ugliness and chaos in our world that I cannot control. Most likely, you cannot control many of these things either. But, we can control what we wear. We can control our bodies. Our bodies our choice! [ha] We can choose how we present ourselves. We can choose dignity. We walk around almost our entire lives wearing clothes. Outside of bathing, we are adorned with clothing almost every moment of our lives. We can choose order and beauty and we can reject chaos and ugliness.

We can be walking forces of order. Every day as we leave the house, we can walk through the dystopian chaos-world of 2021 as a confident, unapologetic representation of order. There is so much we cannot control, but we can control this one thing. All of us, all men of every socio economic class can choose order in this way and be a representative-force for order against chaos.

"Is there a cultural, political, social or idealogical message in our aesthetic?"

Order and dignity against chaos and ugliness, this is the story.

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