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Aesthetic & Idea

Sometimes I write about culture and sometimes I write about style. The truth is that there is a certain cultural, socio-political orientation to our style. You can't truly separate them at bottom. Unless you understand that, you don't understand the basic substructure of this approach to style and aesthetics. There is differentiation up top and in the middle range, but at bottom there is not. There is only one base orientation. It is for this reason that touching on the intersection of the style and the political, the aesthetic and the cultural, the presentation and the idea is so important. The separation/ division of the aesthetic and the political - or rather - the aesthetic and the idealogical is a separation which ultimately introduces a kind of anti-logic into the understanding and categorization.

At a deeper level this disassociation makes any type of (attempt at a shred of) holism or unity of the visual and the idea impossible. It essentially makes everything less clear. It simply makes less sense. The idea is worse because it is lacking the aesthetic. The aesthetic is pointless because it is lacking the idea. We see this often in our style world. We see guys who (mis)understand themselves as being in this world yet who have no idea about the idea. I will put it very simply - If you do not understand the purpose of this style in the affirmation of man and man alone, your world-image is a shallow as a paper napkin.

I see "men" in our style world accommodating the further destruction of sex, of man and woman. I see "men" sharing photos of, or praising women who plays dress up as a man in our style. Disgusting. This isn't as immediately gut-revolting as a man in a dress, but it should be, it isn't only because we have become used to women encroaching in our territory (i.e. pants to start off with) over many decades. There are men's clothes and women's clothes, we have just become so desensitized to the women's encroachment that it is only when a woman puts on a tie or truly pretends in the most grotesquely delusional and embarrassing way that she is a woman, that we recoil. If you do not understand the problem with abetting and encouraging women dressing in our style, in our masculine style, you do not understand anything. If you do not understand that the idea that is beneath the aesthetic image of our style completely forbids this prima facie, you are simply not worth considering.

I am completely upfront about my views on this matter. I am completely upfront about writing and approaching from this side and I am completely upfront about the fact that I do not believe left wing-ism, gender bending is compatible with our style. That this even must be said is a sign of the foolish time. Every day we lose more and more territory to cowards and the great sprawl of androgyny. Why do we lose this territory? Because we simply go along with it, and we don't just say no. Staking out our territory with words, language, idea and image is more powerful than most know. So many have become so determinist that they think nothing matters, there is no point, nothing I do matters or so they may think. The truth is that what you do does matter. We can't claim territory unless we use our words, idea and image. The fringe minority has absolutely no right to our culture, our style, our idea or our image. Don't forget it.

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