Autumn / Winter Yellow

I have a few solid yellow OCBDs. Depending on the shade of the yellow I wear them in either autumn and winter or spring and summer. If I heard someone say this many years ago, before I had developed my wardrobe to the extent that I have, I would think "What in the world, they are both yellow, how much of a real difference can it be?" This is a very niche and pointed preference, I understand that.

In autumn and winter I wear both a J. Press yellow which is a very pale yellow and a Brooks Brothers yellow which his also a quite pale yellow but with very subtle warm-red buttery undertones. In the spring and summer I have a yellow OCBD from Ratio Clothing which is a brighter, more sunny yellow. It is absolutely perfect for spring and summer. Light, bright and sunny.

I could of course wear all of my solid yellow OCBDs throughout the whole year and it would look just fine. It wouldn't be some crime against humanity. But, this little difference in shade of yellow really makes a big difference if you are really thinking deeply about your clothing and I think it also makes a difference to the average person who will be seeing your clothing. They may not be able to put a finger on the reason why, but I think most would say the bright sunny yellow looks better in the summer and the pale yellow better in the winter. They may not know the exact reason why, they may just sense-feel it, but I think it is perceivable, not just abstract, hidden, distinction without a difference theory.

The solid yellow OCBD I am wearing in this photo is of course, J. Press.

The necktie is Brooks Brothers.

The navy blazer is Ralph Lauren.