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Autumn Yellow

The fabric that J. Press used a few years back for their yellow OCBDs was very warm, with almost a very light red undertone. It is very hard to describe. It wasn't light and sunny, but more burnt and warm. The current fabric J. Press uses for their yellow OCBDs is brighter, lighter and paler. It is a just fine yellow, I don't mind it. I love the current fabric in it's own way. But, I do wish I had another one of these older yellows. One doesn't seem to be enough. It is the perfect shirt for autumn. Absolutely perfect. Maybe they will bring this shade of yellow back sometime in the future. If they choose to do so I will certainly jump at the chance to acquire another one.

The necktie I am wearing is a vintage J. Press motif tie. A muted green with a sparing duck motif. The pants are a deep, rich plum corduroy. The sport coat is one of my favorites, one that readers are used to seeing during the cold months, a light khaki subtle glen check. Like camel hair, this is a sport coat that is perfect for pairing with dark cords. Warm and rich, buttoned up and with dignity, yet perfectly comfortable and natural. Autumnal Sunday.

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