Back to Work

Last night, we returned home after visiting family all week. It was a semi-vacation. Today, I am taking care of work before signing off for Saturday. I didn't wear any ties when visiting family. There was never an occasion to do so. I brought 1 sport coat, 1 pair of loafers, 3 chinos and 6 OCBDs. Green, Purple, Blue, Khaki. A soggy March hue.

When we arrived at our house last night, there were a few packages from J. Press. The tie I am wearing today is one of the ties that had arrived. It's a great motif tie. I love this tie and I look forward to wearing it for years to come. It has nice subdued colors and will work great with many different shirt / sport coat combinations. I also think this will be the last chance I have to wear it for about 6 months. A warm burgundy is a perfect autumn / winter color but spring and summer.... not so much for my taste.

Very soon, this tie, like this dark sport coat will go in the closet until September rolls around. The last remnants of winter are fading, and while I am a bit bummed that this tie will be stored away for half of a year, I am not shedding any tears about winter being behind us. I am ready for spring and my closet is ready and waiting to be stocked and filled with a spring wardrobe.