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Big Bold Glen Check

This sport coat is an absolute favorite of mine. They don't make them like this anymore. A big beautiful check with incredibly bold, strong colors - maroon, blue and cream. An incredibly hearty, heavy fabric which results in a beautiful drape, no light flipping and flapping here. Single buttons on the sleeves as well as the body. Deep patch pockets. Lapels of power. This is a true country jacket of yesteryear.

Outside of the bespoke option, a coat like this is impossible to find these days. As for this specific coat, I picked it up, vintage for just $32. The coat was and is in near perfect condition. The only alteration I made was the shoulders. I took the shoulder pads out, brought the shoulders in. $32 and a couple hours of work later and I have a coat that is unique, almost impossible to find today, fantastic quality vintage fabric and with a projected lifespan which I imagine should last me the rest of my life.

As is often the case with these incredibly bold sport coats, the tie pairings are limited. This coat is easily worn without a tie. Due to the incredibly casual nature of this coat, senza tie is totally perfect. When trying a tie with this coat, the dark blue knit tie is my go to. Due to the powerful lapels, I go with the widest knit tie I own a 3'' wool Lands' End knit tie. I am not really a stickler when it comes to lapel and tie width matching especially when it comes to knit ties, because knit ties are traditionally slimmer. But, when the lapels are so strong like they are on this coat I certainly try to work my way in the direction of wider on the tie, to compliment the lapels.

There are so many incredible vintage finds out there for the guy who is patient and willing to sift through the lot. This sport coat may have originally been in a place of disfavor due to the shoulder pads. After just a few hours of work, this coat now has a beautiful natural shoulder with a traditional perfect Ivy slope. It is always rewarding to bring these pieces back from the dead.

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