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Bold Cords / Winter GTH Pants

We all know about GTH pants, Go To Hell pants. They are bright, bold, eye catching. Yellows, pinks, oranges, violets and more. Sometimes they are adorned with motifs. A summer staple for some, reviled by others. Bermuda shorts are similar to and/or a kind of GTH pant (short). You can buy Bermuda shorts in a plethora of vibrant, eye catching colors. They are exuberant, fun, light and absolutely perfect for the summer. Some love them, some hate them. I love them.

It makes sense to have such bold daring colors in the summer. In the past few posts I have been writing about the dim, subdued colors appropriate for winter and those appropriate for the especially truly dark months, January, February, March. That being said, let's take a trip to the other side. Let's view winter, these days, these months from another direction, from a more youthful, defiant place.

Corduroy is available in practically every color. Often, some colors are harder to find than others. The standard navy, brown, beige etc... is most common. Outside of these muted reserved standards however lies a world of bold corduroy. Orange, purple, pink, red, yellow, Kelly green etc... These cords, these more bold pieces are the winter GTH pant. They are eye catching, bold, fun and reject the dark, dank mood outside. They reject the fallen leaves, gray days and dismal mood. They stand against time. They shine brightly among darkness. They refuse to be stopped, refuse to be beat down. They are jubilant despite all that surrounds.

Some people hate these pants, some see them and say "What! Yellow?! Red? Orange!?" This is why they are GTH pants. If you don't like them, you can go to hell. This is the clear subtext. I am not even sure it is subtext! It is just right out in the open. The bold cords are the twin separated at birth from the bold summer pant. Together the summer GTH chinos and the bold cords are our GTH pants for spring, summer and autumn and winter.

They of course, are not for every day. Most days, especially in the winter, many of us want to stay still, stay subdued, reflect our surroundings in a sort of general feel, hue and approach. But, for the man who appears in the dark, to stand against the time of winter, the man who refuses to be beat down, the man who wills brightness and joviality into being through his sheer aesthetic presentation and power, the bold cord, the winter GTH pant, is the ultimate weapon, his ultimate tool.

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