There is something special about the breeze. Speaking more specifically, a warm breeze. More often than not, it seems that the breeze comes in the colder months, while the warmer months tend to be a bit more still. However, when you are blessed with those warm breezy days or nights, it feels like you are reaping the the best of both worlds. It feels like another world.

A few nights back we enjoyed one of these special nights. My wife and I sat outside under the rustling trees above, the warm breeze in our hair. There was a near full moon illuminating the landscape, it's light stretching far toward the clouds inhabiting the same sky. Shortly after, it rained, bringing the temperature down. Those fleeting moments are some of my favorite warm weather moments. Special.

Today, the temperature has dropped and my sport coat is not only for style preference. It is a breezy day, but on the cold side. It feels like autumn all of a sudden. The bright skies and green landscape. It feels like autumn before the changing of the leaves. The wind may be a bit biting for May, but it is certainly alive. Something feels more alive, with more motion, with the breeze. Perhaps if it was always breezy one may tire of it, but I am not so sure. I tend to love the reminder of life and motion, refreshing and renewing, or how it feels to me.