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Brown, Black & Camel Hair

What a strange tie. Brown and black so closely combined in stripes, and a dark brown at that! In theory, I would think it would look pretty rough, but in reality, in the right setting, it's actually quite nice. Both the beige, and the red in the Polo logo help, I think. I bought this tie vintage. I believe it is 1990s era Polo Ralph Lauren. I don't know for sure, but I think that is the era.

In this setting, as you can see, I am pairing it with a white OCBD and a camel hair sport coat. I think that with a tie this dark and unique, bringing everything up with lightness helps the outfit along. Doing this, allows the tie to have some space to stand alone in it's own dark domain, with all of the other pieces inhabiting the lighter space. When we have a very unique element/color/color combination in an outfit I think making space in the palette lets it take all the room it needs and avoids crowding to our eye.

I think you could wear this tie with a blue university stripe, you could find a way to make that happen. Someone could also have the idea of a pink or yellow OCBD or even a yellow university stripe as well. Those, I think may be a bit tougher, but if done in the right way, could be really unique and very cool. As almost always though, I err on the side of simplicity, especially when in fall and winter. I always tend to leave the frivolity to the spring and summer

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