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Brown University Stripe

I recently bought a couple of the new Brooks Brothers OCBD, as I wrote about previously. Today was the first day trying out the extremely rare and hard to find brown university stripe. I absolutely love this shirt. I knew I loved it out of the box and after wearing it today, I am all the more convinced of this.

The brown is such a peculiar color. It is almost gray. It isn't a red, golden brown but a cold, dim brown. This very unique color is super ambiguous and hard to put a finger on. This is what I love about this shirt. It is a very dim, understated, neutral shirt. It can be worn with cool or warm colors and go naturally fall in line either way. It is so unobtrusive. It's very unique in this way.

In this outfit I am wearing the new brown university stripe with an orange motif tie, olive chinos and a camel hair sport coat. The brown university stripe adds something to this autumnal outfit that simply couldn't be without it. Of course a white OCBD would work great with this outfit, but imagine anything else. There are other options that could work, but none of them work as well as this very unique shirt. Everything else except for white would push the outfit in some other direction in terms of the overall feeling. This shirt is truly unique, occupying a vary rare spot all it's own.

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