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Camel Hair & Cords

There are pieces of our wardrobe which stay with us through all the seasons, our tried and true staples. There are also pieces that appear only in certain seasons. It is those pieces that give us something to sartorially look forward to as the season changes. When it comes to autumn, cords and tweed come to mind immediately. A slightly less appreciated piece is the camel hair sport coat. My camel hair sport coat is a piece I look forward to each autumn.

The camel hair sport coat is like the mirror opposite of the navy blazer. The navy blazer is a clear and obvious go-to when you are wearing pretty much any color of chino, as long as it isn't a dark color too close to navy. The camel hair sport coat is a go-to for me when I am wearing darker cords or wool on the bottom. Like the navy blazer works perfectly with light color chinos, the camel hair sport coat works perfectly with dark color cords.

The camel hair sport coat isn't as rough and textured as tweed. It isn't quite as outdoors-y. It feels both more formal in a way, yet also more informal in a way. A nice, warm, soft texture. It's such a cool piece. One of my favorite pieces for the cold months. In this photo I am wearing a crimson cords, a light blue OCBD, a green and white striped knit tie and of course, a camel hair sport coat.

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