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Casual Friday

It's May, the sun is out, the trees and flowers are blooming and finally we have some nice warm weather. In the summer months I make shish-kabobs on the grill almost every Friday night. Tonight is our first shish-kabob Shabbat of the year.

We still wear ties and sport coats, loafers and freshly pressed button downs in the summer, yet there is something more casual about late spring and summer. I always tend to dress down a bit more in the warm months. I think the warm weather lends itself to more casual wear, of course. Unbuttoning the top button is a fairly immediate way to relieve the pressure of heat.

Beyond the actual temperature, there is a sense of holiday, vacation, relaxation in the summer. I work all summer, yet that feeling is still there, This sense is helped along by the fact that I grew up in a resort town and also live in a resort town today. Even though I may be working, I am surrounded by others who are playing.

Today, on this casual near-summer day as I get the grill ready and finish up some work before the weekend sets in, I am wearing pale yellow chinos, a white OCBD untucked, blue socks and brown loafers. Summer can't come soon enough.

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