Chilly Summer Day

The weather took a turn for the cold and so the madras, seersucker and linen is on the backbench. It's actually so cold and windy that a Harrington jacket is called for. The Baracuta G9 is the best of the best when it comes to Harrington jackets, nevertheless this vintage 80s Lacoste gets the job done quite well. It has a vibe and aesthetic all it's own.

The khaki color of this jacket is a bit tough to pair because you obviously wouldn't wear it with khaki chinos. You have to pair it with significantly different color pants. In this case I am wearing navy chinos. It also works well with Nantucket reds, olive chinos or jeans as well of course. As for the OCBD, it is a light yellow from J. Press. Not pictured are white socks with penny loafers.