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Cold, Gray January

It's morning and the entire sky is gray. The snow, lightly falling onto more snow, which fell onto more snow the day before, which fell on to more snow the week before. The sun isn't likely to show it's face today and grace us with the warm rays of sunlight that we ache for at this time of the year. We are in a cold, dark space in January.

We have no holidays to look forward to which may bring us a shred of joviality. January is the very start of the calendar year and in many ways it starts in a place that is dismal. Maybe there is something to that.

In January, I tend to either reflect the time, the weather and sense of the year. Cold colors, stark and serious without fanfare. Or, I dress in aspiration. Bright, contrasting, rich primary colors. In aspiration I continue on as if it is June but very cold. I will bend January to my will, and sartorially, I will stand against the weather, the season. The landscape may be without color, so my sartorial choices must bring any color that is to be found to my little world. These are my 2 approaches in January. They are polar opposites in both approach and result. Extremes.

Today, I am the former. It's grey, cold, snowing. My world is slow. There is ittle life outside the windows. Perhaps a squirrel scurries acorss the snow covered grass every now and then. A bird flutters in the tree. Deer tracks are in the snow, left to be discovered every morning. It's Sunday, the weekend, I usually go without a tie on most Sundays.

Today, Iam wearing a Worn- In White Brooks Brothers OCBD and a Vintage 100% Lambswool Sweater Vest from Polo Ralph Lauren.

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