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Cool Morning & Warm Afternoon

On days with wide temperature variance you end up wearing some strange outfits. The afternoon and evening is warm today. Anticipating this, I wore a short sleeve seersucker, chino shorts and a patchwork madras belt. Yet, in the morning the temperature was in the 60s, hence the windbreaker. Seersucker is as thin and breathable as you get, covering it up with a windbreaker feels like a sartorial oxymoron. Yet, on a day with a cool morning and a warm evening, on a day with such wide temperature variance, it is the practical, necessary and correct choice.

I talk a lot about friction(s) in our outfits. There are good kinds and right levels of friction and there are less good kinds and levels of friction. There are those that feel true and those that read more as products of a bad choice. A classic natural and true manifestation of friction is a situation like I described above. There is a good reason for the choice of the seersucker and an equally good reason to wear the windbreaker. It feels off when considering the purpose of the pieces. It feels like an odd choice (in terms of spirit), but is absolutely correct (temporarily).

And in its correctness, a practicality and function which is a sign of living reveals itself. It is a clear example and instance of clothes demonstrating purpose and function, not only adornment and appearance. And the friction that is produced from that circumstance is a friction which looks perfect, classic and natural while feeling (and being) true and appropriate. It is about living life, naturally and earnestly, in our clothes.

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