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Day of Broadcloth

I started the day off in a white broadcloth button down paired with pale green Bermuda shorts and pale pink boat-shoes. Midway through the day, I ended up cutting the grass at our house which necessitated a shower afterward. Tonight I have a meeting, and I find myself again in broadcloth, but this time a yellow butcher stripe.

This yellow butcher stripe is from J. Press. It is, of course, wonderful. A reader once commented to me that I tend to gravitate toward yellow more than most. I think he is right. I love yellow in the autumn, winter, spring and summer. They all have a different essence and spirit yet I love yellow in all seasons.

The brilliance of this yellow in this butcher stripe is absolutely perfect. Summer, breezy, light. There is also something that feels very "early decades of the 20th century" about the butcher stripe. It's hard to describe, but it is there. Paired with this yellow butcher stripe is a navy blazer, a vintage Polo Ralph Lauren green knit tie, stone chino shorts [6 ″ inseam] and penny loafers with no socks visible.

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