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De-Formalizing Your Tie - For The Skeptic

I think there are a lot of young men who are interested in dressing better, who care about how they look and want to bring a classic sense of style into their daily life yet are a bit put-off by wearing a tie daily, or semi consistently. I think many men may feel as though it is too formal and for the young guy, maybe even they feel like it conveys a "dorky" or some sort of too-buttoned up vibe. I understand this. I think this feeling is exacerbated to an even more extreme degree these days when so few guys wear ties. I think that the tie may represent this sort of heavy push into the formal and it scares some guys off, I think.

To the guy who is feeling this, I would suggest 2 very simple things. Try a plain, dark knit tie and let both ends of the tie fly free. Tie the knot tight and in a way so as to allow the skinny blade to emerge from behind the large blade more often than not. The plain, dark knit tie brings the formality down immediately and the greater freedom of the blades ratchets down any stiff-formality immediately.

A plain, dark knit tie tied in the way I mentioned, or as exhibited in the photo above, really brings the formality down quite a lot and gets away from some of the feelings / senses that may push the tie-skeptical guy away. It is an automatic way to bring a sort of easy nonchalance into an otherwise seemingly formal (for 2021) outfit. It's a very simple thing to try. Maybe you will like it, maybe you won't. Nevertheless it is worth a try, and the plain dark knit tie you will have bought will never go out of style. Maybe you will change your mind one day, and it will be there waiting.

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