December 30, 1980

I was looking in the pocket of my sport coat yesterday and found the tag with the date that the coat was made. The date said December 30, 1980. Having bought this sport coat on eBay last year, I knew it was vintage, but I didn't know the exact year it was made. Finding the tag with the date of manufacture gives a different feeling, a more direct thought about what was, when the coat was made.

1980. Almost 41 years ago. Jimmy Carter was president. The Soviet Union was still intact. No smartphones, no mass internet. The acceleration toward the brick wall was picking up, we were going along at a good clip, but the pedal was not to the metal quite yet. What a different world it was. In 2021, 2005 seems strange, 1995 is foreign and 1980 is a different reality. We aren't even rewinding [1980s] a century back reaching into 1921 when our grandparents were just coming into this world. What was that like? What about centuries? Millenia? Some things we can try our best to know, but we can only know so much. The picture can only become so clear. And, it seems tragically that the clearer the picture comes, the more sad it all becomes. What is, and what has become. We should never forget where we are and how bad it has grown to be. We must not forget where we were, and if not ourselves, then those before us.

As for the sport coat, it is in incredible condition. It is like it has almost never been worn. There is not a single blemish on the entire coat. No stain, no tearing. The lining is also in perfect condition. I don't think this coat was worn too often. I can't know the reason why it wasn't worn, but, I wonder if it was because the colors in the check pattern are a bit unique and strange. The colors are grey, black, cream / off white and mustard yellow. It is a really interesting combination. Very unique. Maybe this very unique combination was difficult for the previous owner to pair a tie with and so they didn't wear the coat too often. I don't know, maybe. On the other hand, you don't have to wear a tie with a sport coat. You can just wear your shirt underneath and it looks great. With a white shirt there is no difficulty. My theory may just be totally off. I really have no idea why it seems like it was never worn. I can never know.

It is a great sport coat. With it's unique colors in the check, beautiful fabric and full traditional cut, I love this sport coat. There is something magical about something vintage, something old. You have a chance to reach into the past in a small little way.