There is always something a bit spooky, nefarious and sinister about red, black & white. It certainly isn't prohibitive. Red, black & white look great together. But, it is always a bit spooky. The cream in the houndstooth lightens things up a bit here in this setting, I think. The dogs, also bring a bit of a lighthearted energy as well. To be fair to this outfit, the pants are charcoal, not black. Nevertheless, still quite close.

I have written before about how orange and black is very halloween-esque. Red and black can also have that halloween, spooky feel. But, they can also stand alone outside of October. Though they still always have that sinister feeling that is always there lingering, waiting. And if not sinister, it certainly feels dark, brooding.

I can't imagine wearing this outfit outside of winter. It just wouldn't feel right. Maybe in October, approaching halloween. But outside of then, I just don't think it could work any other time other than the cold, dark doldrums of winter, or the spooky approach of Halloween.

Almost everything in this outfit is vintage / thrift

The tie is vintage, purchased for $2.99

The sport coat was a thrift find for under $20.00

The charcoal wool pants were also found at a thrift store for $4.99. They required hemming which I did myself.

The OCBD is the only piece I bought new. It is J. Press.