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Dusty Madras / Orange

In Episode 24 / Madras of the Necktie Salvage Podcast I mentioned my penchant for madras belts. The madras belt is a wonderful way to nod & wink a bit toward summer. It is a great way to push an outfit that could go any way firmly into the summer territory. The photo above is a perfect example of this use. If I paired a simple brown leather belt with this orange university stripe and light chino, this outfit could be well suited for autumn or early spring. The addition of this patchwork madras belt has a clear oversized impact on the feeling this outfit conveys. The madras belt throws this photo into obvious summer territory. It is such a small item yet has such a great impact on the feeling, setting the outfit clearly into an avowed summer space.

The truth about the madras belt is that for most instances, for most guys, the best option is to pair it with plain chinos and a plain button down. It is so busy, so unique, it is easy for it not to go right. But, if you are more adventurous and a bit more advanced and you know what you are doing you can pull it off with a more bold shirt like I you see here. Notice this is a very muted, dusty, brownish, tan, warm colored patchwork madras. The colors all work so nicely with this orange university stripe. Everything feels like it blends together in a nice, warm, kind and gentle way. You don't have any match-match problems where an orange in the belt rubs too close to the orange of the shirt. The orange of the shirt is so light and chalky itself, it blends in so nicely in the most unassuming way with the belt and your self. It is bold, it is orange, yet toned down within its territory.

I have some other madras belts that absolutely would not work with this. They would not work one bit. That this belt works so well is very rare and a real delight. Pairing a madras belt with a university stripe has to be done with the utmost caution. It is only for the most discerning man with a firm grasp on what he is doing. Also notice, this is a casual outfit. I am not wearing a tie. It would be hard to pull a tie off with this. It is just too much. We are at the limit with this. A navy blazer, as always, works just fine, of course. Our trusty friend, always to the rescue.

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