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Elegant Rep Tie Colors

There is something totally easy and natural about the rep tie made up of basic, primary colors. There is something so clear, and simple about it. It feels very easy and natural. I love it. On the other side of things, there is something very mature about the rep tie made up not of basic, primary colors but instead colors on the more complex side. I love both equally, both have their place and give their own feeling and mood.

The tie I am wearing in this photo is the latter. Rich and unique in it's combination of colors, this tie feels very serious, intentional and elegant. yet simple and classic in it's pattern, I chose to wear this with the classics of classics, khaki chinos, white OCBD and a navy blazer, but it works well with a nice range of sport coats as well. I love this tie.

I found this tie for $2.99 at a thrift store. This is the kind of thrift find that is a true 10/10. Beautiful silk, beautiful colors and classic pattern. Perfect condition, nice length and an always appropriate width of just over 3.25″, 3.37width. The brand is Robert Talbott for [insert local store], although as I have written about before, when I look at ties a thrift store I am not so concerned with the maker, the maker isn't the ultimate point of the matter. What matters is the answer to the question - "is it a nice tie?" In this case, yes it is an absolutely beautiful tie.

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