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Fine Wale

Just the other day I wrote a bit about the legendary, beautiful wide wale cords. To be fair and equal minded, I thought I should write just a few words on the fine wale. In this case, in this photo I am wearing a pair of crimson fine wale corduroys, paired with a yellow university stripe.

These cords I am wearing in this photo were a Father's Day gift from my wife and son, a few years back. They gave me 3 pairs, navy, plum and crimson. They are Ralph Lauren and were insanely on sale, because the sizing was off. For example, if you wear a 33, you have to buy a 35 of these. If you wear a 35, you have to buy a 37. Strange, nevertheless they bought me 3 of these and I love them.

The wide wale cords are amazing and I love them for all the reasons I detailed just last week. But these fine wale I love just as much but for different reasons. These have both pleats and cuffs. That is a next level combination. I don't think pleats would work as well on wide wale. I think it would simply be too big. Wide wale are already so thick, so rugged and rough. When you fold them they are almost 2 times the size of the fine wale. Adding pleats would be massive.

There is something luxurious about pleats and fine wale. The fine wale is a bit more velvety. Pleats with that very velvety, fine wale corduroy bring the luxurious feeling up a notch as well. Some guys don't like pleats. I of course love them and that these cords have them, I think is fantastic.

I used to generally stick to strictly white OCBDs when I would wear a pair of cords in this color but a while back I expanded to wearing other color shirts. This yellow university stripe is an example of this expanded selection. I used to think it would be too much, but it is obviously not too much. It looks great and actually compliments and helps further expand the generally warmer hue in a really nice overall way. The warm belt buckle and reddish brown leather of the belt help as well, of course.

In conclusion, as with all things, there is a time and place for everything. Sometimes the wide wale, sometimes the fine wale. Sometimes a flat front, sometimes pleats. Sometimes cuffs, sometimes uncuffed. On this cold, relaxing Sunday, spent inside the house, forgoing a tie and jacket, these fine wale crimson cords feel just right.

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