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Fourth of July, 22

It is the Fourth of July. There are lots of ways to convey a patriotic sartorial nod on the Fourth of July. The options run the gamut from subtle to ostentatious. I suppose my approach today is right in the middle. My outfit would work on any other day of the year, yet on Fourth of July, clearly is understood as a patriotic reference, to the colors of the American flag. This outfit (navy blazer not pictured) is more on the serious side of things. No seersucker shorts, no seersucker spot coat, no firework or American flag themed motif tie. It is a bit more stern and serious.

I chose a more serious outfit because it seems more appropriate in time. The white socks, the knit tie, the fit of everything and the entire combination - not to mention the photo itself - come together to feel so very midcentury. This reflects a certain thread and sense of my feeling, not only in general, but as of late, more than usual. It's not necessarily about the specific time, but rather the stretching of time. It is about pulling the lens out a bit in a rejection of trend and speed. We have to think long term. We have to stay steady. Sweep away the superfluous trends which come and go, even though they seem they are there to stay, and drive to the bottom and anchor ourselves there.

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