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Glen Check

I love a beautiful glen check. They can be hard to come by these days. Often, the best finds are the vintage finds. Some of the most beautiful colors can be found hidden among the racks at thrift stores and pages of ebay. Full, long cuts on the coat. Beautiful, thick fabric. Unique, almost one of a kind color combinations that are are to find to find today. Most all of my favorite coats were made many years ago.

The glen check here is quite simple and very versatile with only a few strands of blue and mustard yellow faintly bringing highlights to the pattern. I can wear this sport coat with green, blue, yellow, orange, red and purple ties. The glen check can be used wonderfully in an outfit full of color and complexity, or an outfit of simplicity with only the coat serving as your highlight, point of interest.

I always think it's best to err on the side of simple for most men. But, if the spirit moves them, and one is feeling adventurous, dipping one's toe a bit into a boldness accompanied by the glen check can be a reliable road to take. There is something about the pattern, the way we collectively view it that makes a path for beautiful bold execution more clear. There are so many paths open to us. Contrasting, complimenting, cool, warm, colorful, understated. The glen check can be it's own little sport coat world of opportunity.

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