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Glen Check Pants

I almost never wear patterned pants. I think this is most likely true for most men. A patterned shirt, sure. A patterned sport coat, not so often, but of course. Patterned pants however seem to be worn a bit more sparingly.

As is the case with bold solid-color pants, patterned pants are a garment which more often than not take up the majority of the air in the room. By this I mean that due to the bold nature of the garment, more often than not all of the other choices in your outfit should most likely be plain and understated. To put it another way, if you have 10 points to spend on bold-ness in each outfit, patterned pants like this are worth about 8 points.

As you can see in this outfit all of the other pieces are as simple as can be. Navy blazer, white OCBD, black belt and a light blue knit tie which meets up with the light blue stripe found in the glen check, helping to create a sense of unity and cohesion. I love these. Bold, yet still not too daring - grey, black and light blue. An outfit with a bold, yet not un-serious colder hue. Perfect for the right autumn or winter day.

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