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Green & Black

This outfit is so simple, but it is without a doubt one of my recent favorites. I love the colors in this. This is the draw for me. This is what it is all about. I am always going on about colors. I am always talking about the way they interact or their various spirits, how they fit seasonally etc... I love this combination of green and black. You don't see it too much. You barely ever see it. Yet, it works wonderfully.

Green is just a click over from blue, and in a university stripe situation, this is even more so. The colors are always a bit dulled with the university stripe due to the nature of the weave of the fabric and the alternating thread. This lessens up the intensity of the blue and the green. The difference between a blue university stripe and a green university stripe isn't so massive. Yet, that little change does make a difference in terms of how it interacts with the other pieces in an outfit. In the case of the black knit tie, the switch to green turns it into a kind of Andes chocolate, mint feeling.

I love the coolness of this combination. The black is dark and heavy, the green is light and cool. Together it feels so chilly, so absent of warmth. Then we bring in a camel hair sport coat and things start to get a bit more interesting. This color is warm, it feels comforting. It is a wondrous contrast between the green and black. The light stone chinos are a clear choice for the bottom. Different enough in shade so as to be acceptable with the camel hair, yet neutral so as not to get in the way of the green and black mint on top.

It is all so ambiguous, it feels like you are sort of floating on something. It is hard to get a strong footing with this outfit. I love that, because it all works at the same time. It all works wonderfully, and strangely. The feeling is very different, it is so hard to explain. I love these color spaces and interactions. At this stage in my life there is something I love about the ambiguous space like this. The colors are dancing wonderfully together, yet not so expected, a bit off the beaten path. All done delicately of course, no risks. This space and approach to color is interesting, a bit like under explored territory. It is subtle, it isn't heavy-handed. It isn't extremely saturated or overly heavy, it is almost more impressionistic. Colors dancing, fading, delicate.

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