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Green Ground Stripe

Brooks Brothers once sold 5 colors of ground stripe in OCBD with an unlined collar.






I have 3 of the 5. Purple, pink and green. The purple and pink are classic spring shirts and the colors themselves are standard purple and pink. The green is a very interesting green. It is a very cold and dark shade. It's a pretty unique shirt. It can be paired with khaki chinos or also something a bit darker like these charcoal wool trousers I am wearing in this photo. Leaning into the dark cold with charcoal trousers supporting the dark green ground stripe pushes me to change directions when it comes to the sport coat.

In this case I am wearing a classic beige camel hair sport coat. It is the lightest and warmest piece in this outfit and a total departure from the cool dark hue in the rest of the setting. Some people don't like this approach, they may opt to stick with the cool direction choosing a colder sport coat. This approach with the camel hair feels too intentionally separating/ distinguishing to them, perhaps. It is a fairly unique look and the choice is certainly distinct.

The shirt is so unique, going without a tie feels very natural. And, although the choice of directional change with the camel hair sport coat is distinct, the sport coat itself is totally plain and neutral, not crowding the shirt for attention when it comes to pattern. This outfit is unique in the peculiar friction appearing when all put together. It is certainly, almost exclusively, a winter combination.

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