Green University Stripe

Next in line, after the red, I would say the green university stripe sits in terms of most commonly found university stripes among the non-standards. The standards are, of course, blue, yellow and pink. I have 2 green university stripe OCBDs. I have a more muted green and a more vibrant green. The difference isn't that severe, but there is a difference. I tend to save the more vibrant for spring and summer.

The green university stripe is incredibly versatile. It's almost as versatile as the blue, I think. Blue, orange, purple, pink and yellow all work great with the green. Recently I have done pink and green, purple and green and blue and green in my outfits, so today I went with yellow and green. It seems like yellow and green is under-rated and underused. A green rep tie with a yellow stripe is fantastic! I think the yellow knit tie against the green university stripe works beautifully here, and although the yellow is warm like the pink, it is different than the pink. There is something more "earthy" about it. Maybe because yellow, like green green is commonly found naturally on our earth. Green grass, green trees. Golden yellow wheat, bright corn fields, golden sands, dusty deserts. There are pink flowers of course, but I don't think pink covers as much of our earth as gold or yellow.

Maybe there is something to an outfit, a setting which resonates drawing in and playing with certain shades or colors found naturally in our world. The navy blazer like the deep dark blue night sky not so long after the sun has set. The green of the summer grass. The yellow of the fresh corn. The white of the clouds in the sky above.