Guaranteed to Wrinkle

This beautiful summer sport coat can be difficult to pair well. Its a light cream, linen. It is very close to stone and khaki. Going with something drastically different on the bottom is usually the best idea. In this case, I chose navy chino shorts.

I love the interplay between the linen sport coat, pink OCBD and light blue, white and yellow cotton tie. It is all so light, airy and almost dusty in a sort of warm summer light spirit. I tied this tie with a particularly long skinny blade, it just feels like one of those days.

This sport coat is a vintage 1990s Polo Ralph Lauren. It is unstructured and has a label inside that says "guaranteed to wrinkle". It's such a cool, rare coat. Even though it is from the 1990s, it has an almost 1920s or British Colonial Africa feel to it. It's hard to describe but I love how it looks and even more so, how I feel in it. It's a stunning, rare piece and for a hot, humid August day, it's perfect.