Hearty Wool

I bought this coat a little over a year ago. I found it on eBay for just $35. It is an incredible sport coat. It was made in 1980, which makes it 41 years old at this point. I bought it in absolutely perfect condition. Literally nothing was out place. Not even a loose thread or any sort of sign of wear. This coat was not worn often by the prior owner, if at all.

It is an incredible sport coat. Having been produced over 4 decades ago, the length is the correct length, no undersizing like the short coats that are so often made today. The material is hearty. This is very warm, thick wool. Often, these older coats were simply made with thicker, heartier material. The lapels are not anorexic like many today. I didn't have to do a single alteration to the coat. Perhaps, if I wanted them to be on the shorter side, I could take the sleeves up .25'', but it's such a small alteration, not necessary as it looks just great as it is, and I have many other projects to take care of. Maybe one day if I have run out of alterations that need to be done and I am searching for something to do, I may consider bringing them up .25''. Maybe, maybe not. I find it's good to have coats with sleeves on the shorter side, and some on the more traditional side. Different outfits and different days deserve different things.

A coat like this is like a coin. There are 2 sides. This coat is a bit unique in the colors that are found in the check pattern. This is something which I love about the coat. It's unique. On the other hand, these colors become difficult when trying to find a tie that works well. It can be quite difficult to pair a tie with this particular sport coat. There are restrictions here. If you forgo a tie, there is no difficulty at all. It's simple to wear this coat and if can be worn all autumn and winter with different shirt and pant combinations.

I think when trying to pair a tie with a coat like this, you have to either go completely basic, a simple, solid knit tie. Or, embrace the boldness. Accept that you are embracing the sort of tension that comes with wearing multiple bold items and reframe the way you are putting the outfit together. The feeling / orientation is slightly different when accepting this sort of bold, tension direction. A solid knit tie works great with this coat, of course. Yet, in a strange way, embracing the boldness can actually feel a bit more natural with a coat like this. It's like a spicy dish. Once it is full of spice, you can't back it off. Embracing the spice, is the only way to enjoy the dish.