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Lavender Daisy Tie & Seasonal Pieces

I love this lavender daisy motif tie. It is bright, fun, light and perfect for spring and summer. The difficulty about this tie is that it really only works with 1 color shirt - white. This isn't a problem, I love a white OCBD, classic, simple and to the point. Nevertheless, it is very restrictive in terms of what shirt it can be paired with. Even a blue university stripe, which often will work with most motif ties still doesn't work. The blue of the stripe comes too close to the lavender of the tie. They rub against each other just too close. So, white it is.

I chose to go with pale yellow on the bottom. It is summer after all and these work wonderfully with the tie and navy blazer. This is such a bright and light summer outfit, it's perfect for a sunny July work day. Flower motif ties are not so easy to find. They aren't the rarest thing in the world but they also aren't exactly saturating the market. There are floral print ties, which I actually personally don't really like. Those are much busier and in their own territory. A classic motif tie with spacing comparable to what you see above is actually not easy to find with a flower motif. It is strange because a flower motif feels perfect for spring and summer. It feels especially appropriate for spring. New life, blooming, the warming weather.

This tie is a classic example of a seasonal tie. There is no way it would ever work in autumn or winter. Sometimes our standards call to us and even though it may be a particular season, we are not inspired to wear our season-specific pieces. This happens to me often. Even though it may be December, I don't want to wear my tartan ties. Even though it may be summer, I want to wear a standard rep tie, not a madras tie. Of course, I think we should wear what we want to wear when we want to wear it. Dressing ourselves isn't a chore, or at least it shouldn't be. It should be a joy. Yet, sometimes we need a little nudge in the seasonal direction here and there.

Even if I don't initially feel like wearing a seasonal piece, I nudge myself in that direction reminding myself of the fact that I only have so long each year to wear it, the idea of marking time through our clothing and the fact that whenever I do lean into the season heavily, I never regret it. And it is true. 5 minutes after getting dressed, having chosen to embrace the season with open arms, I feel a wonderful sense of time reflected in my clothing. I feel a sense of organic natural wholeness in moving with time and season, rather than rejecting it. I also, in the simplest most basic sense, enjoy that the pieces I bought for a specific season end up getting used rather than sitting in my closet, collecting dust, only because I didn't feel like fully embracing the season.

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