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Light & Bright Fall

I love this sport coat. It can be limiting due to it being incredibly close in color to essentially any standard khaki. This means it can't be paired with standard khakis. You need to go darker or lighter with the pants. That is just fine, it is just the nature of this sport coat. In this instance I went with a lighter pair of chinos. Still channeling some bright and light energy from summer in the early autumn, I kept everything soft and warm. Some days in early autumn (in particular the blustery ones) you jump right into the dark rich colors. Some days, the bright sunny days that look (but not feel) almost like summer, it can be nice to ease in a bit.

This outfit is an outfit for one of these days. The light airy chinos with the gentle khaki worn-in sport coat brought together with the soft pink OCBD popover. The feeling you get from this outfit is almost dreamy. It is gentle and is very easy on the eyes. I love the sense, the feeling, the warmth that comes with it. You can really play with colors in small and subtle ways to elicit such different feelings from various outfits. I talk about colors a lot, there is almost always more than meets the eye. Their impact, the various combinations, playing off each other etc... there is always more here. In our style, this level of near-obsession with colors and how they interact actually feels a bit surprisingly uncommon. There is so much to it.

I have been very into large pockets recently. If you notice, the chest pocket on this popover is a bit larger than the standard chest pocket. It is not gigantic. It is not overwhelming, but it is just a bit larger. There is something about a larger chest pocket that is just so heavy. It feels more old school, it feels more hard and heavy. It is one of those differences that is not so noticeable unless you look very carefully, it is more for the wearer than the viewer. It can actually be practical as well. I have some shirts that have pockets bigger than this, and the difference in terms of what you can carry is substantial. Not that you are trying to haul around a storage facility in your front shirt pocket, yet there is something nice about having more room than you need. There is something almost utilitarian (in a good way) about the larger chest pocket. The flap added on to a larger pocket is another layer of utilitarianism.

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