Light Houndstooth

Three patterns.


University Stripe

Rep Tie

There is a lot going on here, yet it feels clean and simple. Light houndstooth has a strange ability to take all the complexity and bring it all down a bit. Whenever I end up putting together a fairly complex setting with multiple patterns, if light houndstooth on the sport coat is there, everything comes down a little.

The light neutral beige hue with a very small houndstooth pattern [with a light green and blue overcheck]. A blue university stripe looks wonderful with this. You can pair a simple solid knit tie, or you can throw a rep tie on and as long as the colors compliment each other, you won't see any crowding. This look certainly feels layered, it doesn't feel simple. It feels full. Yet, it doesn't' feel like too much either. It feels breezy with everything playing together smoothly but also independently. It feels like you didn't work too hard to put it all together, even if you clearly did. It won't make you sick to your stomach after looking at it all day. It doesn't feel like eating a rich desert for every meal.

I love a light houndstooth.