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Limited Options

This beautiful bright and light linen sport coat is one of my summer favorites. It is so light, so thin, it wears so gently you can barely tell it is there. I cannot say enough nice things about this jacket. The one thing that is true about this jacket (and others like it) is that it is insanely limiting in terms of the other options you have for pairing. Imagine this sport coat with anything else other than a white OCBD - impossible. Imagine it with any other pair of pants - it's hard to imagine anything else working other than maybe a pair of navy chinos. Imagine this with any other tie other than a plain, simple knit - impossible.

This sport coat is so loud, so bold, it takes all of the oxygen in the room. Everything else has to come down as simple as possible. There are 3 ties I generally wear with this outfit - blue (pictured), bright green and a very fair lavender. All 3 work well. I asked my son which I should wear out of those three, he chose this one. A summer plaid like this is bold. It is not for the shy. If you are considering venturing into the quintessential summer "county" jacket, bring everything else down as simple as possible. You will not regret doing this even if you "swear it (some other color shirt or bolder tie) works". Wearing a coat like this is perilous unless you have the fortitude to stay simple. You run the risk of very easily drifting into clown territory.

Stay strong, stay simple.

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