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In our day and age, the general spirit is one of brief appearance. I have written before about the idea of fast fashion [and of course fast fashion doesn't only mean clothes] and how the Trad/ Ivy/ Prep style that we all love is, in a certain way, today a rejection of fast fashion, and if not 100% in practice, at least in theory, structure and perception.

We all go through phases where we go head first in and then the novelty starts to wane. Generally the slow and steady trends toward longevity. Obviously longevity isn't the be all end all for every aspect of life. Sometimes fleeting pleasures and experiences are just fine after all. But, for the more and most important things in life, longevity is superior. There is no doubt about this.

To me, a sense of longevity in clothing can be found in the pieces themselves along with the fit, pairing, fabrics and colors. Longevity can be found in the neither too tight, nor too loose. Neither too perfect nor too ramshackle disheveled. The middle, steady and slow, reliable and constant approaches the lasting. There is an idea that conservatism is not concerned with the past, but rather concerned with the constant, the eternal. Conservatism isn't referring only to policy and politics, this expands to much more and is relevant to our aesthetic life.

What is the constant? What was, and what will be after?

As for the today, in the photograph above, I am wearing one of my favorite light green OCBDs. I always wear this in spring and summer, and then put it away each fall for the winter months. Paired with this light breezy green are stone chinos and a blue and white seersucker belt, with black details. White socks and black penny loafers are to be found on the feet.

I specifically chose to go with black instead of brown for the shoes and belt. Brown is the much more obvious choice, but black works delightfully as well. It exudes an almost cold, chilly, breezy feeling. Yet all in a very spring, summer feeling. Very interesting and unique. Simple, very easy to choose, yet a bit off the beaten path and a unique, fresh sensibility all within the tradition. I have no reason to believe I wouldn't make the same choice 3 decades from now. Longevity.

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