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Luxurious Drape

The glorious drape of a 1990s Polo Ralph Lauren necktie is unparalleled. The beautiful silk, dramatic pattern, liberal width and luxurious drape make you feel like you are finally after all these years, wearing a necktie like it is supposed to be worn. There are no stiff corners. There is no overly thick padding around the knot. There is certainly no sense of timidity in terms of the width. The width of a 1990s Polo Ralph Lauren is near gratuitous, for better and worse. It is true that the width can often be a hindrance when it comes to these ties. I have tailored many of them down to a more reasonable, yet still wide width of 3.35 - 3.40.

From time to time I write about my love for the 1990s PRL tie. I also occasionally wax poetic about my affinity for the 1990s in more general terms. In concise statement, the 1990s, and the Polo Ralph Lauren tie of the 1990s are one and the same. Simpler yet more bold, less trivial yet more positive, more excessive yet (slightly) less consumerist. That of course sounds like I am playing with words just for the fun of it. Setting opposites against each other in a sort of word play that doesn't reflect reality but is just for affect. It may seem that way, but it isn't true. Anyone who lived then or who has thought about that time knows what I am talking about, understands what I am speaking to.

As the 1990s isn't for everyone, the 1990s Polo Ralph Lauren Tie isn't for everyone. Too bold, too characteristic and too luxurious. I don't begrudge the hesitant. Nevertheless, if you find yourself interested by PRL of the 1990s. If this delightful pale yellow with crane motif lures you in, I suggest you browse eBay for a 1990s steal of your own. Try searching, Polo Ralph Lauren 1990 Tie, Polo Geometric Tie, Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Tie etc... You will find yourself among a wellspring of beautiful nostalgia which adds a bit of hard-to-pin down (when viewed as a complete outfit) character to an otherwise neutral outfit.

There are 3 aspects of this tie which I love and thusly which inspired me to buy it. The pale yellow is number one, certainly. I was searching for a pale yellow motif tie that could be worn with oft difficult to pair spring colors like the mint OCBD found in the photo above. Pale yellow is a perfect solution for these types of spring colors. Second, I also love the crane motif. It's not a mallard, owl or quail which for some reason feel rather autumnal. The motif is a beautiful white crane which feels brighter and lighter, more perfect for spring-summer. Lastly, I love the size of this motif. I have written some thoughts in other places, like here, about the size of a motif found on a motif tie and while this motif isn't a small motif, but rather a very large enveloping motif, I absolutely love it in this situation.

As I have written about before, this mint university stripe is a tough shirt in terms of pairing with a tie. There are not so many avenues for such a bold, daring color. A pale, light yellow works wonders both in terms of color and complimenting and in terms of season. Light yellow certainly has a spring-summer sense about it. As I write I am outside, under the shade of a tree, the high bright sun above. I am watching fresh shirts drying on the line. They are dancing in the wind, the gusts as they come they start slow at first then pick up force and speed like a crescendo and then dying down once again com to rest in pause, waiting for the next round.

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