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Madras Holiday

I am currently packing for a short trip to visit family for the remainder of the week. I will be staying in a small town on the water. Clear skies, quiet nights, perfect sunsets and a gentle breeze gently swaying the trees and the woods left to right.

It is a place not too dissimilar to where our family lives. It is a bit smaller, a bit quieter, a bit less busy. It feels like visiting somewhere more off-the-beaten path, even though it isn't so far away. A small holiday, a change of scenery, change of pace.

This feels like a madras holiday to me. Mid July, less busy, more quiet and more woods. Less work, less people, less formal and a bit a smaller and more rustic. As for the shorts, simple. Chinos shorts in khaki and stone. As for the shoes, easy. Brown boat shoes.

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