Madras Tie

An incredible thrift store find, this Polo Ralph Lauren madras tie is a delightful, bright and playful summer necktie. It's funny because I am not sure that the madras of the tie keeps me more particularly cool than a standard silk rep tie would, nevertheless the homage to the light breezy fabric plants the outfit firmly in August.

Apart from the choices I I paired this tie with, a navy blazer could work well, additionally possibly swapping out the stone chinos for navy chinos could work too. Perhaps a blue university stripe OCBD would be quite nice with either the houndstooth or a navy blazer.

I can't tell the age of the tie. I suspect it is originally from the 1990s. It did have a bit of a stain-discoloration in the middle of the tie, I am not sure from what. I was however, able to get the stain out easily. The nature of the cotton fabric, as opposed to silk, made removing the stain and bringing this tie, which I found for $2.99 at a thrift store, back from the dead easily achievable.