Massive Motif

I have admired this 1990s era Polo Ralph Lauren massive motif tie for years. I would see it in older images and I swear I remember seeing it with my eyes when I was a child. It has always felt familiar. It's so intricate and intentional yet also so heavy handed in the sheer size of the boats. A perfect 1990s Polo Ralph Lauren tie.

When, one day, I came across this at a thrift store, I was totally floored. For a vintage, perfect condition, classic (in my mind), $2.99 was a steal. It's audacious, summery, yet also very well done. It's not cheap, it's not cheesy. It's in another space. For me, a tie like this captures a perfect, quintessential 1990s Polo Ralph Lauren essence. It's hard to describe, yet you can feel it. It's not right for every day of the year, it can only be felt sparingly. Yet, when the right day comes along, it feels just right.