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May Tangerine

One of my favorite spring-summer shits is the tangerine OCBD. Bright and brilliant, it screams spring. It's a tough shirt to pair with a tie, the boldness, the brightness is so much, it is like a black hole (in a good way) which draws all of the attention. Without a tie, it is easy and wonderful. You really cannot feel dim in this shirt. You cannot bring down it's electric energy. In this photo, as you see, I went with a simple blue knit tie. As I have written hundreds of times, when in doubt, always go simple. With these bold shirts, keep the tie simple, keep the jacket simple, keep the pocket square simple. You will never regret it.

A green knit can also work well, same for a green motif as well. A rep is harder to do, in my opinion. It just doesn't feel right. Perhaps it is the regimental nature of the rep (regimental) tie. A daring bold spring tangerine doesn't scream regimental to me. It is too over the top to be anywhere near a regiment. Perhaps it is in the acknowledgement of the militaristic aspect of the rep tie which forbids it from being paired with something so daring like this. There is more to the pieces we wear than just what we "see". We don't even have to concoct the idea, we already feel it. We are just discovering it for ourselves. There is already something that feels off about the rep (regimental) tie with such a non-regimental color. Without thinking about the history (which we internalize through imagery whether we understand it correctly or not), we already feel something is a bit amiss, we haven't seen it before and it doesn't feel right, we don't have a reference for it.

Of course, there is always an exception. You could find a way to make a rep tie work with this. There is always an exception, there is always some option, some way, to make it work. But at what cost? Is it worth it? Will it really come across? Maybe, and sometimes it is fun to push things a bit, push it a little into the extreme. But at the end of the day, I always am coming back to the simple, the understated, the cautious. When you stay on the simple side, it may seem less interesting set against a sea of clownish aesthetic, yet in truth, the balance, the nuance, the detente is still there, the conversation and the ways the pieces interact is still present and can still be seen, felt - the conversation, the analysis and the perception is just a bit more delicate.

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