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Miles Davis Green

The famous Miles Davis green OCBD. Obviously, Miles Davis is not the only person to wear a green OCBD. There is nothing exclusive to Miles Davis about the shirt. But, there is a certain historical reference to the green OCBD that Miles Davis wore on the cover of Milestones. It occupies a certain place in the Trad/Ivy/Prep world. There is a certain reference there, if one is aware.

This green is not a particularly commonly found shade of green, it can be hard to find this general shade normally. It is a bit darker than the classic light, pastel feeling, spring green that comes around every spring. It is a perfect shade for March. A bit soggy but ready to bloom. From time to time, shirt-makers will make a version of this shirt and market it as the "Milestones Shirt." Kamakura is selling one currently, I believe.

It is a nice shade which is dark enough to feel serious, but not too dark so as to feel limiting. It still feels classic and timeless. I don't generally wear a tie with this shirt. A dark navy knit tie would work well, but generally I wear it senza necktie. I generally like to let this particularly unique shirt stand on it's own.

This unique, iconic green works great with khaki, stone and navy chinos. It can work with a dark or light sport coat. It's versatile in a similar way the classic blue OCBD is versatile. This green shirt feels similar in tone and mood to the classic blue, but just a bit off, just a bit tweaked to the colorful side. It's a very cool shirt which occupies a very unique slice of a wardrobe.

This shirt doesn't get a terrible amount of wear each year. It spends a lot of time in the closet. It's not because I don't like it, I love this shirt. But, there are only so many times it feels "just right." Unique pieces tend to be that way. Lovely, perfect and a breath of fresh air when the time is just right.

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