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Modern Man & Uniform

I believe that this style we love, the style world including Trad, Ivy and Prep is a most appropriate uniform for the Western Man of today. I don't try to write about clothes in a way which is neutral or lightly liberal or walking a fine line to try to appeal to as wide of an audience as possible. I write from a decidedly right wing perspective. I write for the Western man who loves his land, his people, his culture and has a concern for a world that is right and good. I want more men to be more right wing, more certain of themselves and to face the world with a greater degree of intentionality, seriousness, certitude and severity. I believe there is a mission and a certain world-orientation with regards to our clothes and I do not believe it can be disentangled.

Uniforms are important. Cultures, nations, peoples have uniforms. Sometimes implicit, sometimes explicit. Another word for uniform in this circumstance could simply be cultural-dress or national-dress. The style world of Trad/ Ivy/ Prep is our uniform-world. This style world includes Trad for the most conservative and traditional, Ivy for the always perfect, sustainable day in and day out wear and Prep for the more youthful or more holiday, more flippant, breezy and casual. I believe this style world, comprised of these three corners provides Western Man with the necessary uniform for any day of his life.

Some say that today more people wear sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts and so there is no reason to wear what we wear. There is no reason to try to do this and there is not political, ideological or deeper purpose to it. They say "You are living in the past!" No, absolutely not. First, this style of dress is not living in the past. Living in the past is wearing colonial period costumes or the Renaissance fair. Some derivative of what we love and wear is still expected at formal gatherings. Men still wear suits that resemble our suits, men still wear neckties who work in formal professions. No one wears medieval wear. Shared clear elements of our style still exist in the mainstream, it is simply a worse version of it and it is worn more sparingly by fewer people. The thread is still there, it is simply thinner. It is not living in the past. It is raising the expectation, living with aspiration in the present. It is choosing to rise, rather than lower.

As for the idea that we don't need to dress the way we do and we could be just fine conservatives, right wingers or Westerners while dressing like slobs - well, that may be true but it is a lower form of all those things. It is not a higher form. I believe we should aspire to a higher form and it is all men that possess the ability to aspire to this higher form. I totally reject the idea that this style world is "living in the past". This style world is the uniform of modern Western man. There is something for every day, every level of formality and it perfectly represents the adult Western man of dignity. It isn't communistic soul-crushing without life or variance. There is a cohesive core yet there is personality to be revealed. It is serious, yet not dour, it is masculine and it reflects our Western and in particular New World civilization in a very distinct, authentic way well suited for the Modern world.

I don't believe these are clothes for anyone. They are clothes for men only. They are not clothes for women. Women should ideally be wearing more skirts and dresses rather than pants. We wear pants, women wear dresses. We wear ties, women wear makeup. I do not believe there is any room for gender destruction within this style world. Much of the current mode du jour when it comes to style and fashion is very androgynous. To dress in our style rejects this. The tie itself is a fundamental rejection of this on its face. The tie itself is an affirmation of Man and separation. There are fools who may dress in our style and think of themselves as something else, but it is because they don't understand themselves. They don't understand what aesthetics really are and what is being communicated. When you dress the way we dress you are saying something whether you like it or not, whether you intend to or not. In our epoch, correctly understood, our style, our way of dress, is the uniform of Right Wing Modernism.

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