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October Colors 1

October is a fantastic month for the Trad/Ivy/Prep style we all love. The weather is cold enough to necessitate layering and the wearing of our beloved tweeds, yet not cold enough to requiring bundling up. The autumn leaves are changing colors and Halloween decorations are popping up along the street. The bright pastels of spring and summer don't make sense anymore. The colors, fabrics and patterns of the holiday season, the snow of winter and the long hibernation of the dark months of the year, are also not appropriate yet.

For me, a few quintessential October colors are orange, green, purple and black. The movement toward Halloween is felt through all of October. The colors of the leaves, the tone and temperature of the earth and this Halloween orbit are what I focus my October style and color approach around. Orange and black are perhaps the most iconic Halloween colors. Purple fits right in there nicely and green matches well with purple and orange in a very autumnal yet not particularly spooky, way.

In the outfit above I have a nice warm herringbone sport coat, classic khaki chinos, a green university stripe and a bold intricately detailed purple and green (with orang highlights) necktie. To my mind, this is a perfect outfit to compliment chilly, misty, damp day in early October.

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