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October Colors 2

The leaves are changing more rapidly this week. More oranges and yellows appear, freshly fallen leaves litter the grass more and more by the day. A bit of a rainy day, not heavy storms, just drizzling here and there. My son and I are driving to visit family for the night. Driving through a rainy, autumn landscape, the brilliant colors of the leaves set against the cool color of the skies. Is there a more perfect outfit for a day like today?

Olive Green, Orange and Blue. Muted and reserved and warm in a way. In a way, these colors correspond to the colors found in our landscape today. I have written about this before. Bringing the tone, color and hue of your outfit into concert with your natural surroundings is a form of aesthetic resonance which is very special and unique. It is hard to explain, you are touching something, or trying, it feels right.

Both the necktie and OCBD are of course, from J. Press.

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