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October Colors 22.1

It is the last weeks of October. We are approaching halloween and eventually, after that, the completely fallen leaves. There is no better time than now to fully embrace deep, rich October colors. Now is the time to completely lean into the spooky, Halloween-like shades. Some of the first combinations that come to mind are -

Black and Orange

Purple and Orange

Black and Purple

Green and Purple

Black and Red

Of course all these combinations work through the colder months, but no time is more appropriate than the final weeks of October. It is like red seersucker shorts. They work all summer, but they work best on Independence day.

There are other sport coats that can work with this combination of purple and orange but the light camel hair sport coat is a perfect choice for simplicity. Today, I wanted something as simple as possible. I often think of the camel hair sport coat like the navy blazer but for dark pants in the colder months. It essentially can work anytime. It is incredibly flexible, simple and neutral. It can be a life saver, much like the navy blazer. I cannot recommend the camel hair sport coat enough.

A tie can work with this but can be tough to pull off well. The simplest, plainest, dark green knit tie could work nice. That is what I could go with. Yet, that one addition changes the outfit from being a bit more simple to a bit more complex. Some days we want something "more", some days we want something less. For this outfit, I wanted something less. This is when the camel hair sport coat comes to the rescue, sliding in at the right place.

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