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October Colors 22.2

This black and orange knit tie is one of my favorite pieces. Black and orange is such an under-appreciated combination, in my opinion. It totally reads as Halloween, of course. It is a perfect tie for October. Yet, I believe it can be worn outside of October. I believe it can be worn in all of autumn, winter and maybe even summer, if done right. True, it can be hard to shake the Halloween feeling. Some guys may have a hard time with that. One of my arguments on behalf of wearing the black and orange knit tie year round is that there are university colors which are black and orange. Princeton's colors are black and orange. I don't care about universities but that there are large entities which do not revolve around Halloween which have black and orange as their "colors" certainly gives a precedent to them not being exclusively tied to October.

There are more adventurous ways to wear this kind of tie. This is maybe the most clear and simple option. The black belt, the grey herringbone sport coat, the (not pictured) black loafers - this is clear and simple. It is hard to think of a simpler way to wear it. I suppose a white OCBD could be simpler, but I think I like the blue more. The blue feels less harsh against the black. The blue feels like it brings the distance down a bit in a nice way. If it is possible to fully step away from Halloween associations, I think of the orange and black as fire, it feels warm, alive. It almost feels like the orange is the orange of a flame that dances against the black night. It feels lonely and steady, both warm (orange) and cold (black), alive and burning. This feeling, removed from Halloween is a feeling I can get from orange and black. I love that feeling.

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